Relief from Chronic Headaches: Part of Chiropractic Pain Management

Headache Pain Managed with Akers Chiropractic Clinic

Many people get headaches from time to time. You take an over-the-counter pain reliever and after a few hours the pain may be gone. What do you do when the headaches become chronic? There are different types of headaches, some of which are caused by daily stress and tension. Others have a root cause in other areas of the body, particularly the upper back, spine, and neck.

Chiropractic Care Offers Some Headache Relief to Patients

While not every cause is appropriate for treatment by a chiropractor, chiropractic care may provide some relief for certain types of headaches! Akers Chiropractic Clinic would like to remind patients that care may begin with the spine, but pain tends to radiate to other parts of the body. Akers Chiropractic Clinic helps to identify some effective treatment for certain types of headaches you may experience. Contact us today at (304) 865-1295 for a consultation appointment.

Chiropractic with Massage Helps Tension-Based Headaches

After examination and consultation, Dr. Akers may formulate a treatment plan using chiropractic combined with massage. The combination of these treatments encourages muscles to relax. The manipulation of the neck and upper back helps return the body to proper alignment, which also can relieve tension stored deep in the body.

Spinal Manipulation to Relieve Neck and Body Tension

One of the primary treatments used by a Doctor of Chiropractic is spinal manipulation, which can be used as an effective treatment option. Be sure to let the doctor know of any accidents or other pre-existing conditions as you review your medical history. Dr. Akers will be sure to go over a list of possible stressors that add to the amount of repetitive strain each patient may experience. With a trained and experienced approach, Dr. Akers and the staff at Akers Chiropractic Clinic can work with you finding relief for chronic headache pain.

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